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Writing Samples

Resumé available on request. Kindly keep in mind that some samples may not be shown because they are proprietary in nature or they require security clearance.



  • Article, How to Plan a Snow Fence. HTML format.
  • The Green Way column for the Living Well newsletters.
  • Committed to Excellence newsletter for Manville Sales Corporation's Corporate Technology & Engineering Group. All written or re-written by James Venis as editor. PDF file 2.2MB.
  • Cover article, Steps in the Right Direction, for Craig Hospital's Movin' On newsletter. (Multiple articles in this issue; credited in publication masthead.) PDF file 0.5MB.



  • A proposal—more precisely, a response to RFI—produced out of the system I built from scratch. In this example, I extracted 16 pages from a much larger document I prepared for a major bank in Japan. Please note that to preserve confidentiality, certain names and contact information have been redacted. PDF file 7.0MB.


  • Covers of three brochures and inside copy from one brochure for Jet Aviation. PDF file 0.3MB.


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